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Vision quests of a soulhacker

  • Back-end is Hard

    Some of of my colleagues are talking about the difficulties of web front-end developing: the browser compatibility, the infuriatingly awful JavaScript language, the pain when glueing DOM, CSS and JavaScript, and so on.

    I agree that all these are a pain in the ass. But they are NOTHING compared to back-end architecture. During my over 10 years career as a software architect, I’ve seen significant improvements in nearly every parts of back-end architecture but it’s still very hard. The fundamental difficulties are still there, nearly unchanged all the time. Let me list some of the major ones.

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  • 7-inch Success

    Kindle Fire

    Kevin, my friend and colleague, just came back from USA, bringing a Kindle Fire with him. I tried it for an hour or two, and finally it confirms my earlier thought: this whole new Kindle, together with the strategy behind it, will gain its own success, and push the post-PC era, which is started by Apple, forward to a new stage.

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